Mountain Air Clean Hand Sanitizer


2 - 12oz bottles of LIQUID Hand Sanitizer

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Active Ingredient: 70% Alcohol.  Inactive Ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Aloe Vera Lotion, Glycerin, Water.

When asked by County Legislators to make Sanitizer during the COVID-19 crises because they were running out--how could we say no? They were concerned about First Responder's, Health Care workers, and Utility employees. So are we! Once we began making this, more Municipalities joined in and asked for Sanitizer. The NEED is great, and since Carpe' Insectae's Trademark is "Protect Yourself," we knew we had to help.

Now we can offer it to everyone.

This family kit contains 2 - 12oz bottles of Hand Sanitizer Liquid.We do not add the "gelling" chemicals most others add, to turn it into a gel. And because we don't, its very good on your skin- doesn't dry it out!

It may come with a variety of tops, lids, sprayer or pumps, depending on what parts are available. Frankly, we are finding difficulty locating supplies of all kinds, including bottles. But rest assured- you will receive a full 24 oz of 70% Hand Sanitizer! You can use it in these containers, or use it to refill the ones you have at home. We are just trying to help out in this crises!

A word about the cost:

$28.00 includes shipping! To break it down- it costs $8.00 to ship this item in the US. (We are not offering this product in Canada). That means you are receiving each 12 oz bottle for $10.00. In our crazy supply and demand chain--that is a bargain for 12 oz.

How is our supply?

Currently we have 1800 units. This number will change dramatically day to act fast. Also--VERY IMPORTANT--demand is running high so we are behind in fulfillment of orders. We are currently able to ship within 5 days...but as demand ramps up, expect your order could take up to 10 business days to arrive! We are doing everything we can to get these out as quickly as we please be patient! We will keep you informed as we move forward.

As always- thank you for your business!

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