Seize the Insect!

Protect yourself -  and enjoy the great outdoors without poisons or toxins!

Our chemical-free, exclusive formulas, not only repel nuisance insects like Gnats and No-see-ums; but the more troublesome insects like Mosquitos and Blackflies too! Our products even help protect against Ticks, Fleas, Chiggers, Lice and Biting Ants!


Safe for use by the entire family- we even offer protection for your pets!


Natural essential oils in certain combinations have been scientifically proven to be effective at repelling biting and nuisance insects, by multiple studies. Some studies have shown 100% effectiveness - equal to DEET – but without the fear of toxicity. Additionally, our products are good for people with sensitive skin, and they won’t damage clothing.

Of special note: our Wildwood™ product contains higher percentages of natural Limonene – a KNOWN repellent of Ticks and Fleas by the Environmental Protection Agency! (EPA 738-F-94-030)  Also, our Repel-ANT!™ product contains the elements scientifically proven to repel fire ants! (USDA Biological Control of Pests Research Unit, 2009)