5 SEO Fundamentals You Must Know from the Very Beginning September 02 2022

Both brands and SEO professionals must ensure that the websites they are responsible for run smoothly and effectively. Here are five fundamentals you have to practice from the very beginning.

SEO Must Be Company-Wide

The success of an organization's SEO efforts depends on the commitment and engagement of everyone in the company, from leadership to down. Everyone needs to understand the importance of SEO and make it a priority to see the best results.

SEO isn't a strategy you can just do once and be done with it. You need to work on it every day to see results. It must be considered in any meeting discussing changes to the website. The person responsible for SEO in the organization should ask how the proposed changes will impact these strategies.

SEO’s Purpose Is to Win against Competitors

We need to understand how the ranking algorithms work to create a successful website or online business, but we should not focus on trying to beat the algorithm. Beating the algorithm is an impossible task. Google is constantly changing its algorithms, meaning that the keywords you're trying to optimize for are always changing as well.

The goal is to be better than the others. We can try to improve our ranking by looking at who ranks higher than us and seeing what they're doing. Are there any common characteristics between them? Are there any common words they use that we can use better?

Content Structure Matters

To be an industry expert, according to search engines, you must ensure your website contains only accurate and trustworthy information. This requires putting in a lot of work and effort. Google prefers content that is presented in a clear, hierarchical structure. Thus, a website should have a main topic with subtopics that are related to the main topic. This is called siloing.

So Does Website Design

SEO can only do so much for a website if it is not well-maintained. This is why website maintenance must be part of your SEO plan. You can't just expect to rank highly in search engines if your website is outdated and not mobile-friendly.

SEO's job is to take an outdated website and make it modern and relevant. Too many people come to SEO expecting them to make their website perfect without effort. That approach can only do so much; the website owner must also do their part to see results.

Organic search competition can be difficult to keep up with if your competition has a whole team dedicated to its SEO. It can feel like you're at a disadvantage if they have access to better resources, but don't give up! You can still compete by being strategic and relentless in your efforts.

Want Great SEO? Don’t Get It for Cheap or Free

Cheap SEO can have negative consequences for your website and your business. It is important to remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to SEO services, and cheap services may not provide the results you are hoping for.


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