8 Warning Signs That You Have a Bug Infestation at Home June 17 2022

Every homeowner aims for peaceful home life. But how can you achieve that if you’re dealing with a bug infestation? The presence of termites, beetles, and bugs will disrupt your comfort, so the moment you see them, you should work on getting rid of them right away.

If you haven’t checked your home for the presence of these insects yet, here are some warning signs that might help you.

1. Anthills Outside the Home

If you see ants forming mounds or hills outside the home, it’s already a bad sign. Ants have a strong sense of direction, and they find out the best place to build a new colony. If they start to build their mounds near your home, it’s an indication that they’re on their way to invade your place instead.

2. Markings and Tracks

If you’re seeing markings and tracks that look like they were made by something crawling on the floor or even on the walls, it’s a sign of termite presence. The presence of ants or termites can also be felt by the sticky, sandy, and powdery texture of their feces and other body parts.

3. Tapping Sounds in the Walls

You might hear the sounds of tapping from the walls of your home. Such noise can be made by termites, beetles, and other bugs when they look for food or when they’re building their hives in the house.

4. Presence of Spiders and Ladybugs

Spiders and ladybugs are actually good bugs. They eat insects that are harmful to your plants, like aphids and leaf-eating bugs. But if you see an unusually large number of these bugs in and around your home, it’s a sign that there’s a bad bug infestation in your home.

5. Wood-Colored Pellets

These pellets are actually bug droppings. The presence of these pellets in your home is a clue that you might be dealing with a big problem.

6. Dead Insects

If you’re seeing dead insects on your home’s floor, that’s also another bad sign. If you’re seeing dead insects inside your home, there’s a high chance that the living insects have already found their way inside. It’s time to call in a pest control service provider so you can get rid of them.

7. Mud Tubes

Termites could be seen when you notice dirt tubes that are pushed up to wood or other materials that are moist. The tubes are pushed up when the termites use them to travel and get the food source.

8. Smell of Rotting Wood

Rotting wood is another indication that you have a beetle infestation in your home. You will usually notice this smell in the kitchen, especially underneath the refrigerator. The beetles that eat your kitchen cabinets leave their droppings behind, which give away their presence.

How Can You Keep Bugs Out of Your Home?

You can easily spot bugs and other insects around your home. However, it’s not too easy to see the ones in your attic or on your walls. You need a pest control expert to help you get rid of them. A professional can offer the best solutions to keep your home bug-free.

For your safety, you can schedule with a professional to check your home every six months to make sure that there’s no new bug infestation in your home.

Once you spot these bugs, you should also purchase natural insect repellents to get rid of them. These repellents work best in stopping the insects from reaching your house.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what signs to check for, you’re ready to find the insects in your home and get rid of them. Protect yourself, your family, and even your furry friends from nasty bugs by investing in natural insect repellents and bug sprays.

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