Tips on How to Ensure Your Home Does Not Attract Spiders July 08 2022

Whether you like it or not, you probably have spiders on your property. You probably have a significant number of cobwebs in the corners of your rooms if your home is like most others. Sometimes spiders were present in a home before the current owner moved in.

Even when you have lived on the land for years, there are a variety of reasons why these small creatures are still keen to make your home their own.

In the following sections, we’ll investigate the reasons spiders are so adamant about settling in your house. 

Spiders Seek Light, Water, and Food

Due to the amount of water and food in certain rooms of the house, spiders are frequently seen there. However, basements, garages, and closets are also frequent places to find spiders.

You may likely locate spiders by the doors and windows of your home because they are attracted to light. However, as both are essential for maintaining life, spiders are particularly interested in food and water.

The other insects that live in your home are more than happy to be eaten by these small creatures. Spiders will consume almost any bug, including fruit flies, clothing moths, mosquitoes, drain flies, and crickets.

Spiders won’t be nearly as eager to claim your home as their own if you rely on our pest control experts to keep the critters out.

Spiders Enjoy Little Hideouts

Spiders are living things, and they seek shelter just like everyone else. Spiders are also well aware that bugs like to hide in boxes and other concealed areas. There is a considerable risk that spiders will enter your home if stacked boxes, bags, or papers exist.

To lessen the possibility of a spider infestation, try to store such objects off the floor and away from walls. Never keep boxes or bags under your bed since the last thing you want while trying to go asleep is a stray spider creeping onto your covers and crawling on you.

Spiders Gravitate toward Light

Move any lamps or other lighting fixtures that are near windows or doorways in your home such as computer screens. If not, spiders will be more likely to enter your home in search of these visible lights.

Keeping the porch light off until it is absolutely required will also be beneficial. Install a motion-activated light that only shines when someone walks by rather than leaving your porch light on the entire night. 

Doing this can prevent spiders from being drawn to a persistent source of light on your property. 


Get rid of spiders by cleaning your property. If you leave it messy, these eight-legged creatures are considerably more likely to enter your home.

At least once every two weeks, dust and vacuum your entire house, including any cracks and crevices. Cobwebs should be removed as soon as you notice them in your home’s corners, ceiling, or other areas. 

In order to prevent any spiders that may have caught a ride from entering your home, give any used furniture a thorough cleaning before moving it through the entryway. 

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